All Three QUG Sites Receive PSD & GHG Permits

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April 12, 2016— Quantum Utility Generation, LLC (“QUG”) today announced that all three of the sites in its advanced development portfolio of natural gas-fired peaker projects involving Navasota Energy Services, LLC (“Navasota”) have received their PSD air permits and GHG air permits and are construction-ready. All the sites are located in Texas.

“Navasota Energy Generation Holdings LLC (“NEGH”), whose members are affiliates of QUG and Navasota, respectively, is excited about the opportunity to advance its marketing efforts for our fully-permitted sites in ERCOT. We see a growing need in ERCOT for the addition of highly-efficient natural gas-fired peaking capacity to support the integration of large-scale renewable resources as well as to offer customers cost-effective protection from the price volatility that has dramatically impacted this market in the past and is expected to increase in the future,” said Sean O’Donnell, President of both QUG and NEGH. “The low-polluting units will require a minimal amount of water to generate electricity, making them well-suited to operate in a water-constrained environment.”

The 1,885 megawatt NEGH portfolio currently consists of three advanced-stage projects and one project already under construction: the Van Alstyne Energy Center located in Grayson County, Texas; the Union Valley Energy Center located in Wilson County, Texas; the Clear Springs Energy Center located in Guadalupe County, Texas; and the 121 megawatt Friendswood Energy Center under construction in Houston, Texas. The development projects could be available for commercial operations beginning in the 2017-2018 time range.

For additional information, please contact:
Jason Pillai, QUG Chief Commercial Officer, at 713-485-8630