About Us

Meeting the Energy Needs of Texas & Beyond

Navasota Energy was launched in 2005 to develop power generation projects in Texas to meet the state’s growing energy needs. Through our many projects, the company has provided critical power supplies to the State during extreme weather events and power shortages. We’ve successfully managed our facilities to compliment the dynamic changing ERCOT market. This includes providing ancillary generation services to help regulate the fluctuating wind power from West Texas and the Texas Coast as well as selling ancillary products to municipals, cooperatives and retail electric providers for their load.

A Responsible Neighbor and Citizen

Our Company takes pride in being a responsible corporate neighbor and citizen, and every one of our employee’s shares in that pride. We work diligently to build strong relationships at the local level. Before the first survey stake is driven on a Navasota development site, we have met with and contacted local citizens and civic groups to ensure that we will meet the needs of the community as well as the state’s energy consumers.

Environmentally Friendly

We believe natural gas will continue to play a viable role in the future of power generation because of the abundance and environmental friendliness of natural gas makes it a cleaner alternative to many other forms of energy production. Unlike other fossil fuels, natural gas burns clean, emitting fewer harmful chemicals, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and smog, and eliminating acid rain and other dangerous pollutants.

Over 120 Years of Experience

Our corporate environment is focused around a lean team of experienced, cross-functional personnel that includes developers, asset managers, energy marketers and procurement specialists. In doing so, we maintain a highly functional and economically sound team that lends itself to developing an array of power generation projects. The management team at Navasota Energy possesses over 120 combined years of power plant acquisition, development, construction, operational and investment experience.

Uncommon Innovation

Our experience and industry leadership gives us the confidence and freedom to exercise uncommon innovation. Our innovative character insures that we take advantage of the latest technology and methodologies appropriate for our industry. By employing innovative technologies and methods, Navasota Energy guarantees that we are exercising the greatest environmental responsibility and leading the field in the development of cost-efficient and environmentally friendly operating technologies and processes, including natural gas, solar and wind power generation technologies.