Chad Reekie – Senior Vice President of Asset Management

Leadership Team

Chad Reekie

SVP Asset Management


Chad is the Senior Vice President of Asset Management, joining Navasota in 2017, and is responsible for optimizing asset performance, new generation development and contract compliance. Chad has over 10 years experience in the energy industry with a focus on wholesale power markets, including asset management, mergers & acquisitions, settlements, contract management, project management and regulatory reporting. Before joining Navasota, Chad worked at JP Morgan Ventures where he directed teams responsible for contract compliance, settlements, ISO disputes and due diligence. He has continually managed a number of fossil fuel assets in excess of 7,500 MWs located in CAISO, MISO and PJM. Additionally, Chad has managed renewable assets, including hydro, wind farms and biomass plants capable of producing over 500 MWs. He successfully supervised the remaining gas and power assets after the nearly $3.5B divestiture of JP Morgan Ventures ending in March 2016. He has additional work experience in asset management, operations and settlements while working at Williams Power. Mr. Reekie has an MBA from the University of Tulsa.