Fenwick How – SVP Fuels Logistics & Procurement

Leadership Team

Fenwick How

SVP Fuels Logistics & Procurement
Chief Information Officer (CIO)


Fenwick is responsible for Fuels Logistics and Procurement as well as the Corporate Chief Information Officer at Navasota Energy. Fenwick provides the direction and leadership to identify, evaluate and procure the sourcing of fuel/gas reserves, lease negotiation and transport infrastructure. Primarily identifying strategic areas that provide transportation and capacity to Navasota Energy projects. In addition, Fenwick manages a wide variety of strategic technology issues: governance and policy, information technology protocols, the delivery of technical infrastructure design and build services, information security systems, technology acquisition / integration and administrative systems within the Navasota corporate environment.
With over 20 years experience in Oil and Gas development and operations, Fenwick has a unique blend of executive competencies: upstream O&G data mining, right-of-way, surface and sub-surface lease negotiations, strategic IT planning, and understanding requirements and feasibility for greater efficiency and profit growth. Prior to joining Navasota, Fenwick spent 10 years in upstream Oil and Gas E&P. Most recently as the co-founder and Owner of Trifield Exploration in Houston, Texas, he has had key participation in identifying, negotiating and leasing over 500,000 acres of land and over $2.5 billion of O&G acquisitions and divestitures.